H & H Lighting



H & H Lighting Company, Inc. was acquired by Architectural Bronze Studio in May of 1999, and brings to the lighting industry a fresh attitude including flexibility, innovation, and a vast variety of custom, specialty, and stock concepts in fluorescent lighting manufacturing. Coupled with the craftsmanship of Architectural Bronze Studio, we are committed to supply the best possible source for lighting that is truly competitive in quality, pricing, and delivery.To meet the ever-changing needs of our customers, H & H Lighting Co. Inc. is prepared to meet your demands by committing to your scheduling requirements fabricating to exact specifications for the industrial, institutional, religious, commercial, and residential markets.

From the smallest of miniature compact fluorescents, to the largest of VHO standard strip fixtures, and HID applications, H & H Lighting Co. Inc. covers it all. If they don't have it, we can make it. All manufacturing completed under U.L. certification, and with A.F.L.C.I.O. affiliation.